Swim Client Testimonial

We’re so proud to have earned such high praise from our clients and will always strive to continue in our commitment to excellence! Below is just a sprinkling of the tremendous feedback we routinely receive from our clients either in response to our quarterly parent’s questionnaire or from spontaneous letters and emails! In considering an aquatics program for your child, take a moment to see what others have said about their experience with us...

First thing I want to say is that I was very pleased with Aiden’s first session last week. Marjorie is a consummate professional and was able to quickly assess and remediate Aiden’s fears. The whole way driving to the session, he was screaming that he did not want to swim. The whole way home, he was asking when he could go again. I will definitely refer addition clients! If you want me to write something for a testimonial, please advise!

We had such a wonderful experience with you guys. When I signed Chloe up last July, I never dreamed she’d be swimming so impressively in such a short time. I can’t even believe how awesome her butterfly stroke is!! I have been recommending your program to everyone through face book and word-of-mouth and will continue to do so. And I see you have a FB page! We’ll miss you guys and we’ll be sure to keep in touch. To you, Karen, and the rest of your staff: Thanks For Everything!!! You guys are the best!!

Joyce W

Emily just LOVES her swimming lessons. I’ve never seen her take to something the way she has to these lessons. She asks me everyday “How many days until swimming class?” I can also see the progress she has made and am so happy about it.

Cybele P

Over the weekend we were at a friends pool, the same pool where last summer he could only play while wearing a flotation vest... Kevin was playing with a friend stepped onto the diving board to retrieve a toy. Suddenly... off the board and into the pool Kevin fell! I ran over and there was Kevin swimming his way back to the ladder, I was so happy for him. So I Thank you and Miss Karen! He still has a ways to go, but seeing him being able to swim in that situation was AWESOME!

Patti T

I am simply astounded at the progress my children have made in your program! There’s absolutely no comparison and believe me we’ve tried four different programs in the area! I don’t even like to think about how much hard-earned money we wasted dealing with large classes, cold pools, and mediocre instructors, I just wish we had found you sooner!!!! My 3 kids have progressed more in 2 months with Aquatics Academy, than they have in the last 2 years at the other programs we’d tried! Thank you, thank you!!

Lauren B

Thank you very much for taking such good care of my daughters and giving them such comfort to enjoy swimming. Kajal & Nandi are always looking forward to Tuesdays and both of them they love you very much. The girls enjoy learning from you every minute they are with you!

Anjie J

Thanks for all the patience and kindness towards the girls - they love coming to swim which is half the battle, and it’s great to watch them doing so well.

Christine N

The program is fantastic, the instructor is so gentle but firm and Jackie is always warm and friendly. Overall the program is very well done and produces great results!

Kim S

Very Professional, wonderful instruction. The instructor is amazing with Emily, nurturing, attentive and uses wonderful techniques. She connects with Em, making her feel very comfortable.

Jennifer S

Our daughter is very confidant now in the pool and she said “I love Miss Rachel”! She’s very patient and a very good teacher!

The best program they have ever attended!

So excited about Mack’s progress. I’ve been spreading the word about The Aquatics Academy. The instructor has amazing patience with Mack and has even helped us with her! The pool is nice and clean and SO warm!!!

Alexis W

The instructors are BEYOND excellent!!! Very good with kids and highly professional.

I am very pleased with the program! Much better than other programs we had tried. Both instructors have been great with my son. Jackie has gone above and beyond even making a special trip on a snowy day right to our home to bring us Will’s goggles so he could practice while away on vacation!

Kim L

Small class sizes are key!! the instructor brings out the best in my daughter. I’ve never seen her so trusting with anyone while in the water... she’s not even trusting with her own Mom! Jackie is very “on top” of everything with great communication and I appreciate that the program is so well run. The pool is very clean and comfortable.

The instructors are very patient, kind and courteous! The program is well organized with excellent communication to parents!

The instructors are incredibly friendly, positive and upbeat for every lesson! The kids can’t wait to come back week after week to the point where Joe and I have decided that swimming is going to be our kids’ primary sport/activity through the school year. My youngest one, who wouldn’t even put his face in the water at first, now says he even wants to swim on a team someday, now that’s amazing! Kudos to you for creating such a fantastic program.

Aquatics Academy